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Jim Ward

All-in-One Marketing Automation & Becoming a Force Multiplier

October 30, 2020 | 10:00 am
Episode 1

feat. Nick Ezzo of

Normally, tech drives business decisions. This is especially true for the marketing automation space, where many people tend to invest heavily in a solution that they are not maximizing to their fullest potential. But Nick Ezzo, VP of Marketing at the finance and ERP automation company, has found a unique way to turn his colleagues in the marketing department into a force multiplier that leads the company to profitability through the help of all-in-one automation. During the first episode of the Growth Enablement Madness Podcast, Nick sat down with host Jim Ward to chat about how a growth enablement mindset has helped position Nick to help Auditoria have the biggest impact in the ERP space with the smallest group of people. The pair also discussed Nick’s philosophy of marketing automation and its role in growing businesses.

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