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Jim Ward

Aligning Functional & Business Growth Strategies

March 9, 2021 | 10:00 am
Episode 5

feat. Carter Hinckley

Business growth strategies are an endeavor that executives cannot take lightly. Business leaders must align the entire organization for the initiative to bear fruit. But many businesses tend not to incorporate their functional business efforts into their growth strategies, leading to unnecessary hurdles, growing pains, and limited results. Carter Hinckley, Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Ridge Partners, has spent years focusing on helping companies improve their revenue engine through effective business growth strategies. But it is vital to align those strategies with the business’s functional strategy so that you don’t hamstring your departments’ ability to do their jobs. In this episode of the Growth Enablement Madness Podcast, our host Jim Ward is joined by BrainSell’s VP of Marketing, Sarah Reed, to chat with Carter about the difference between a business growth strategy and functional strategy. The group also discussed the importance of aligning your functional and business growth strategies to better position a company for success.

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